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Service & Repairs

Our trained technicians will repair your mobile phone or tablet device quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way. We pay top dollar for broken cell phones and tablets. If you’ve decided not to get your device fixed, we’d love to buy it for you. In most cases, technicians will be able to repair your device in just minutes, we’ll normally get your phone in and out in 45 minutes or less.
However, if the screen, in any case, gets damaged, it is better to seek professional help from places where iPhone repair in Toronto are done, so as to save it from further damage. Also getting the phone repaired at such centres are usually covered under warranty. iPhones are no doubt the best mobile devices, but they are also very expensive and as many other Samsung galaxy repair Toronto cell phones, very fragile. Repairing them when they get damaged or start malfunctioning is also not cheap, and it requires a specialist who knows what he or she is doing. Above all the excellent quality repairs services that our technicians have completed in Toronto, the reason for our success is you. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction.

But other third-party repairers can do the job cheaply. If your phone is new, you will also void its warranty if you choose to get it repaired by a third party repairer. So you have a decision to make whether you want to get the damaged display replaced by a third party cheaply or you want to void the warranty of your new phone. When we talk about cell phone repairs, iPhone repair is something that comes to mind because of the vulnerability of the older generations of the iPhone.
We can fix any issues with your mute switch within an hour. Volume woes can usually be resolved by replacing the buttons, straightening bent frames, or replacing cables. Sometimes even after all this the problem may persist – which indicates the mainboard has suffered trauma and need to be repaired to give you back control of your sound levels. Not being able to adjust your iPhone’s sound level may seem like not a big deal at first, but you will soon run into situations when you really wished you could. Just drop by one of our stores and we crank up the volume on your malfunctioning volume button. Home button problems are especially frustrating as the home button is a critical method of navigating your iPhone.
Emergency repair can be done within an hour while you wait. Phone used to be just only a communication device, helps us to communicate with our loved ones as well for business purposes. In today’s life, the Smartphone is probably the most important electronic device we all own.

Repairs are completed on site in less than 60 minutes . All repairs are carried out by skilled technicians on-site using premium quality parts and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Something important comes up and you even forget that your phone is plugged in. This repeated jerky movements can result in a damaged charging port.
Our prices are are competitive and we provide 30 days warranty. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Just type ‘’iPhone repair near me’’ and hit the search button to see Maple Laptop Services among the top service providers near you. Cell phone repair Toronto Our store not only repair iPhones but also other cell phones as well. Our cost effective repair service gives you the piece of mind and convenience and most of the repairs can be done while you wait. At Tech Korner, we offer a complete Mobile phone repair services fast and efficient. Our store is fully equipped with latest tools that are made to work on latest model of cell phones of any brand or model.
We do specialize in data transfers and data recovery as well. Replaced dying battery in my laptop within a few hours. Get your faulty gadgets to our store and get a Free diagnosis of your gadgets. Call usfor advice on all of your Apple needs, to buy products or to arrange service. We understand that you are now more reliant than ever on your Apple devices – and how important it is to stay safe. We are located in Midtown Toronto, at Yonge and St. Clair. Come and visit our experienced and friendly team for all of your Apple needs.

Our on-site cell phone repair services are fast, efficient, and affordable. There’s absolutely no need to fret over broken screen, damaged charging port, shattered glass, and worn out battery. We provide low cost and high quality solutions for all smartphone repair needs. Don’t let a small damage cause a kink in your connectivity.
Looking at photos, texts and apps through a cracked iPhone screen can be frustrating, but the good news is, you don’t have to replace your entire iPhone. Visit one of iRepair.ca’s convenient locations to have your iPhone fixed quickly by one of our experienced techs. We can fix almost any iPhone issue in under an hour. Whatever issue you have, take advantage of our No Fix No Fee repair policy today.
We can quickly replace your Smartphone’s battery so you don’t have to wait for too long. iFix Mobile repairs charging port of smartphones as well. iFix Mobile is a one-stop shop for a quick cell phone repairs and accessories in Toronto. Our technicians can skillfully handle any cell phone repairs and all major brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Blu etc. We get regular training for iPhone Repair, Samsung Repair, Screen Replacement, LCD Replacement.

At iFix, we understand what your cell phone means to you and carry out quick repairs to ensure minimum downtime. We use only high quality and genuine parts in repairs that carry a lifetime warranty.
There are many instances where we have seen people spilling water on their phone or accidentally dropping their phone in the pool. Water can cause short circuits in the phone which can even lead to bricking of the phone. There are many cases where the user of an older generation of iPhone faces the issue of the microphone not working. It caused difficulty in making phone calls and recording audios. The speakers of your iPhone can act up after some years of use, and you will be facing instances where you will not be able to hear anything even when your phone is not in silent mode. An issue which is faced by not only iPhone users but the users of smartphones from other manufacturers is the defective charging ports. You might see people try plugging in the charging cable in different ways and still not being able to get their phone charged.

We sell the full line of Apple Products, including desktop computers, laptops and phones. We also do warranty and non-warranty repairs on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. 30 min iPhone software repairs and 45 min cracked screen & liquid damage replacement. On the other hand, there are many other businesses that offer iPhone repair services, but iPhone is not your ordinary phone. The circuitry inside most modern smartphones, especially iPhones is very delicate. Therefore, to avoid chances of further damage, your iPhone repair should be handled by a technician whose main speciality is iPhone repair. Our repair technicians are highly qualified with over 14 years of experience in repairing electronic devices such as Cell phones, Computers and Game Consoles.

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