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The Best Hypnotists In Essex

Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and fast therapy. I have many areas of interest and formely specialised in addictions however I am now taking on a much broader spectrum of clients w problems including; Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Confidence issues, Performance and Self Esteem and depression.
At the age of 6 Nicole started to suffer with severe anxiety around eating in public places and in situations she didn’t feel comfortable eating in. As you can only imagine, this became a huge impact on our family life which caused a lot of frustration, upset and worry as Nicole lost weight.

However you have come across the TAG Academy hypnotherapy training pages, you can be assured that our training is of such high quality, accreditation and content, with a team of dedicated professional tutors, that whatever your background experience is, you will succeed with us.
When you are put under excessive physical or psychological pressure, at times of crisis, or even perceived crisis, your body undergoes a rapid chemical change; powerful hormones stimulate the body, and may give feelings of panic, fear and or anxiety.
As a professional therapist I use a variety of techniques including BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) , Hypnotherapy , IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Life Coach Essex Therapy , NLP, Time Line Therapy, Regression Therapy, Inner Child work, Parts Work, and EFT which may form part of any therapy session.

Before pursuing his passion for hypnotherapy, Barry Bennett worked as a legal professional for over 40 years and even ran his own business for 29 years. The combination of the two are designed to bring about positive changes to your current ways of thinking, acting and feeling, and help to bring balance and harmony to your life.
I am Gavin Bowtell, a professional hypnotherapist who lives and works in Chigwell, Essex. I draw from different approaches to get to the root of your problem and create lasting change within as few sessions as possible. The type of hypnotherapy I practise blends cognitive behavioural therapy with hypnosis for rapid, effective results.

Hypnosis helps people to break negative habits and changes behaviours in a way that feels natural to them. Hypnotherapy means the use of hypnosis for the treatment and relief of a variety of somatic and psychological symptoms. In addition to offering hypnotherapy services in Essex and further abroad through Skype I also produce a number of hypnotherapy resources for other therapists.
If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Essex then please consider coming to our hypnotherapy clinic in Mill Hill. Anxiety, stress and depression can really debilitate your life, don’t let it beat you, feel and be in control of your life again. Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis allow you, the client, to become a master of your own mind.

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