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How To Calculate Cubic Feet

Freight class is a classification guide for shipping items. Whilst every effort has been made in building this square feet and cubic feet calculator, we are not to be held liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or monetary losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of the converter tools and information derived from the web site.
This is a free online tool to calculate the volume of a cuboid or a box, support metric and imperial units (inches, feet, yards, mm, cm or meter), simple CFT calculator with calculation formula and dynamic visual cube help us understand the answer more easily.

You can visualize the board foot of a tree as a board of wood 12 inches by length and width and one inch thick, making it 144 cubic inches. In order to determine your freight class and NMFC you will need to know your pounds per cubic foot or PCF. Enter dimensions in US units (inches or feet) or metric units (centimeters or meters) of your concrete structure to get the cubic yards value of the amount of concrete you will need to make this structure.
There are 27 1 cubic foot bags or 18 1.5 cubic foot bags of mulch per yard. You can use the online calculator to determine how many cubic Cubic Foot Calculator yards of material are required. Calculate cubic yards volume for landscape material, mulch, land fill, gravel, cement or containers.

Total cube of shipment exceeds 750 cubic feet and cubic capacity rule (item 575, UPGF 102) may apply. Once you’ve completed the form, simply click on the ‘Calculate’ button for your removal space requirements in cubic feet. A bag of hardwood or cedar bark contains about 1 cubic foot of material, enough to cover about 4 square feet at 3″ deep.
This square feet and cubic feet calculator is here purely as a service to you, please use it at your own risk. For multiple pieces, add the weight of each piece together before dividing by the total cubic feet of the shipment. If we make use of the info mentioned above, we will know that there are exactly 9 square feet in one square yard.
Simply enter the two numbers into their respective spaces and click Calculate!” The calculator will display the volume of the space in cubic feet. A cubic measurement is the three-dimensional derivative of a linear measure, so a cubic foot is defined as the volume of a cube with sides 1 ft in length.

Before we discuss how to do this calculation, it is important to note that the square foot is a unit of area (two dimensions) and the cubic foot is a unit of volume (three dimensions). So for our example: 0.25 foot depth times 500 square feet equals 125 cubic feet.
When trying to determine your freight classification you first need to know the length, width, height, and weight of your shipment. Dividing the weight of the shipment by the number of cubic feet will provide the density. Find a calculator to estimate the size and volume of a square, rectangular, or elliptical pond.
Click on the options above to add the square feet to cubic feet calculator to your website free of charge, share the calculator via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or StumbleUpon, or share the results of your calculation on your own webpage. The total is the square foot area of that landscape bed.

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