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Bail Bonds In Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for Fairburn Bail Bonds? Historians do believe that the McDough brothers borrowed the concept from Iraq, where bail bonding took a more simpler approach of using sheep to bail out from jail and also as an assurance that the accused will show up for trial and follow the case proceeding to the end.
As to the amount of force a bail bondsman or his agent may use in arresting his principal, the court finds no state or federal cases dealing with this specific issue and, therefore, looks to the rules relating to arrest by law enforcement officers since a bail bondsman, should have no greater right to the use of force than a law enforcement officer can use in making an arrest.

A Bail Agent’s arrest authority is implied in — CODE OF GEORGIA TITLE 17. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CHAPTER 6. BONDS AND RECOGNIZANCES ARTICLE 2. SURETIES PART 2. PROFESSIONAL BONDSMEN 17-6-56 — which defines a Bail Agent as a person who apprehends a principal on bail bond or who captures a fugitive who has escaped bail.
In recent news, bail bond companies have been found guilty of collaborating with criminal defense lawyers and police departments in order to earn extra money in ‘referral fees.’ A recent article came out about a bail bonds agency who had close ties with a certain officer of the law.

Minor offenses may allow the officers at the jail to issue a standard bail amount and release an arrestee with little or no time in Bail Bonds Atlanta a jail cell. We serve all of Coweta County and Metro Atlanta with fast, courteous, personalized attention to your bonding needs.
Under Atlanta Georgia bail bonds laws, the bondsman has a right to summon the defendant to court to recover their fee, as required by the bail bonds agreement. CODE OF GEORGIA TITLE 17. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CHAPTER 6. BONDS AND RECOGNIZANCES ARTICLE 2. SURETIES PART 2. PROFESSIONAL BONDSMEN 17-6-56 Establishes requirements and registration Bail Recovery Agents.

We are the most dedicated bonding company in the area. With the surety, the bail bond company in Atlanta is answerable to the court if the defendant flees. Unfortunately, not many people can afford it, which is why the bail bondsman is crucial to anyone who wants to await their trial while still having a sense of normalcy in their lives.
Services our Bail Agents offer include: competitive rates, no-collateral bonds, free consultations, and many other services to meet your specific needs. In such condition he can avail the services of bondsman. In these cases, your Georgia Lawyer must file a motion for bond in Superior Court.
To post bail, first take note of the county your friend or loved one is being held in. Bail bondsman companies are like insurance agents. We post bail bonds in Cobb County, DeKalb, Fulton, Smyrna, and Powder Springs, Georgia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nearly three years ago, Channel 2 Action News reported that nearly 100,000 defendants had been accused of failing to appear for their cases at Atlanta Municipal Court.

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