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Polyurethane PU Sandwich Panel Production Line Manufacturer

Decorative Metal Exterior Wall Sandwich Panel Production Line This production line was designed to produce metal wall sandwich panels with PU or Polyurethane insulated and decoration patterns engraved or printed onto the metal face. Our discontinuous PU, PIR sandwich panel line is already mineral wool sandwich panel machine recognized its value by major sandwich panel producing companies at domestic and foreign with various technical researches and a high level services, we will keep trying for development in line with customer’s needs for its high quality sandwich panels.
Roof tile sandwich panel – roof tile sandwich panel for sale. Sandwich Panels. Regardless of Whether a continuous or a discontinuous production is required, our qualified specialists with long-standing experience of the production demands will get the best solution for your product ideas.

Our PU sandwich panel has strength and durability of insulating ability. 2. The production speed differs according to the panel thickness. It generally includes Stacker, Preheating Section, PU Dispensing Section , Double Slat-Pressing Conveyor Line, Cross Cutter, Roll Forming Line, Cooling Conveyor and Packing Line.
Sandwich Panel are typically single piece, prefabricated, modular, factory made units which consist of an insulating layer of polyunethane foam or higher density Rockwool between two layers of metal sheet. This rubber blet pu sandwich panel line shown here is used for always producing sandwich panels with the facing layer (s) of color steel or galvanized sheet and the core material of polyurethane.

Freshly formed panels are then passed through an temperature for curing before the final panels are ready to cut, controlled conveyor press. Automation tolls and all FinMach Control, Level 2 for the Process Control and Automation and Level 1 for the equipment, are customized products.
The PU High Pressure Machine is equipped with magnetic coupling fixed onto German High Pressure axial piston (for both ISO or Polyol) to ensure no chemical leakage, and clean working environment in the factory. This production line is suitable for manufacturing socket type ( wall plate panel ) and lapped type ( roof tile panel ) pu sandwich panels.

It is a device that makes the form of sandwich panel applying heat and pressure to the upper and lower steel plate. Tecnip is a dependable partner for the supply of insulating post-sales assistance and panels manufacturing plants.

Including metal roll-forming, PU foaming machine, press, cutter, storage tanks, etc..
Our PU sandwich panel has of insulating ability, endurance and strength. 2. The production speed differs based on the panel thickness. It generally consists of Roll Forming Line, Preheating Section, PU Dispensing SectionConveyor Line, Cross Cutter, Stacker, Cooling Conveyor and Packing Line.
As Sandwich Panel Production Lines’ leading and reliable manufacturer, PU Foaming Machines and Roll Forming Machines. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line Is the automation equipment that could efficiently and continuously create polyurethane sandwich panels of shapes that are beautiful and diverse.

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line is at home and abroad advanced profile molding equipment, is widely used in machinery manufacturing, chemical, steel construction, petroleum and other sectors of various flange production. 4. Hydraulic material discharge rack maintain accuracy and can nourish steel sheets automatically.
China (Guangzhou) Sandwich Panel Industry Exhibition is a 3 day event being held from 15th May to the 17th May 2018 in the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou, China. 1. (a) Thickness: roof steel panel 30-150mm and wall mounted steel panel 30-150mm.

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