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Self Defense Info: Just How Stun Guns Help You Stay Protected

Personal Defense Info: What Is A Stun Gun Device?

A stun gun is regarded as a non-lethal seld defense tool. In other words it will immobilize your attacker on a temporary basis but is not intended to kill them. Stun guns deliver a high voltage and low amperage charge to the unlucky attacker. This mix brings about a charge that features a high level of pressure yet a low level of intensity.

The electrical charge transferred through a stun gun confuses the brain’s normal electrical messages that it sends across the body. In simple terms the stun gun makes a great deal of “noise” to confuse the messages being dispatched by the brain. This can cause the assailant to be briefly paralyzed as messages from their brain to their muscles cannot be delivered effectively.

If your stun gun delivers its shock in pulses – this matches the way the brain delivers its very own messages – the attacker’s muscles perform a high amount of work in a really short period of time. The shock sent does not “tell” the muscles precisely what action to do, so the attacker empties out their energy supplies immediately without having executed any substantial work (their muscular tissues would be contracting at a high intensity)

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