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Parenting Lesson 101: Keep your kids safe around water

It’s not the time of year we think of swimming yet health experts say for parents, it should be.

They say drowning is the next top reason for fatality in kids ages one to 14. So it’s this season that pediatricians point out parents ought to start to make some plans.

Regardless of whether it’s a swimming pool, a pond, a lake, or a beach, water is a wonderful solution to relax in the summer. However, drowning is the second leading reason for unintentional injury death for kids ages one to 14.

Kids should always be monitored around water and since your smartphone tends to be a major distraction, make a pact that you’ll put it away or forget it when your youngster is in the water. Learn about some more water safety rules every parent should be aware of.

By the age of 4, most youngsters are ready for swimming classes, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and it’s a significant factor in lessening a child’s likelihood of drowning.

Nevertheless, even though your child is an excellent swimmer, pediatricians still advise “touch supervision” meaning you ought to be near enough to touch your child every time they’re in the water.

And don’t put too much faith in floatation devices because they can deflate, and they keep children from learning how to swim without them.

Keep in mind to keep all floating toys out of the swimming pool since they may attract kids into the water.

Should you have a swimming pool, a pool fence minimizes the risk of drowning by 95 percent. It should have four sides and be at least 4 feet high. You may also want to think about getting pool alarm.

And if a family swimming pool or beach party is in your plans this summer, take into account employing a life guard or designate “water watchers” during the party considering that parents might not be focused on the water the whole time.

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