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Kubotan for Personal Protection Applications

A Kubotan is, generally, a small stick used for self defense. The kubotan (commonly misspelled as Kubaton or Kobutan) is a distinctive personal protection tool that is nearly the length of a thick pen or magic marker and this usually has a key ring installed on its end. The Kubotan can be built from a variety of different materials including steel, aluminum, wood and plastic so its exact weight will vary. Contrary to other weapons, the kubotan appears like an nondescript key ring and thus can be transported and hidden without problems. Best of all, it is extremely affordable and can be obtained easily.

The mini stick is the best personal protection weapon for pressure point fighting as it permits a smaller person to generate a significant degree of striking power. As a matter of fact, when a knockout pressure point is hit with a kubotan, immediate loss of consciousness can take place. Bear in mind, the mini stick can only be utilized for pain compliance and impact pressure point fighting.

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